BloemQ4U Vehicle Registrations

The services we offer our clients:

Registration of vehicles

A vehicle is registered in the name of an owner when there is no financing applicable (cash deals).

Secondhand vehicles must undergo a roadworthy test before it can be registered and licensed.

A secondhand vehicle can also only be registered in its new owner's name once all outstanding license fees have been paid up to date.

Licensing of vehicles

A vehicle must be licensed in the city/town where the owner resides.

Should a vehicle still have number plates from another province, the vehicle is licensed in Bloemfontein to obtain FS number plates.

Yearly renewals

This entails the yearly renewal of a vehicle's license.

If a license expires at the end of a particular month, there is a grace period of 21 days before late fees will be applicable.

A vehicle's license can only be renewed once all outstanding license fees (of all vehicles registered in the owner's name) have been paid up to date.

Notice of change of ownership

When selling a vehicle it is advisable to 'give notice' to the new owner.

Should the new owner then fail to register the vehicle in his/her name, the following year's licensing fees will be for the new owner's account.

Change of Titleholder

When a vehicle is financed the bank is its titleholder.

As soon as the vehicle has been paid off at the bank, the vehicle must be re-registered in the name of the owner.

De-registration of vehicles

A vehicle can only be de-registered if all outstanding license fees are paid up to date.

A police affidavit explaining why the vehicle should be de-registered must also be obtained.

Personalized License Numbers

You can either have a personalized license number (ABCDEF FS) or a specialized license number (123 ABC FS).

Contact us to find out if the name you want is still available.

Number Plates

In order to have number plates made, we just need the vehicle's license disc.

You have a choice between aluminum and perspex number plates.

We also fit number plates if needed.

Roadworthy Tests

The vehicle must have a valid license disc or else a temporary permit must first be obtained.

Should the vehicle not pass its Roadworthy Test, the client has 14 days to have the necessary repairs done or else will have to pay for a second Roadworthy Test.

Temporary Permits

A temporary permit must be obtained when a vehicle has no valid license disc and must be taken for a roadworthy test or repairs.

The permit is valid for 3 days only.

Police Clearance

When a vehicle is fitted with a new engine or reported as stolen and then recovered, the vehicle must undergo police clearance.

Veridot may be required as well.

Vehicle Enquiries

Contact us if you need to find out the eNatis details of a particular vehicle.

This could be the license fees applicable for a particular vehicle, whether the vehicle you would like to purchase has outstanding licensing fees, if the vehicle has a police mark on it, who the current titleholder is, etc.