BloemQ4U Vehicle Registrations

Our services are available to:

Private individuals

We assist Bloemfontein residents with vehicle registrations, licensing, renewals, etc.

Our goal is to make buying or selling a vehicle as hassle-free as possible for our clients.


Our services are available to any dealership in South Africa.

When a Bloemfontein resident purchases a vehicle out of town, we complete the registration and/or licencing on behalf of the dealership and its client. We also make and fit number plates if needed.

We can also assist with dealer stock vehicles.

Law Firms

We assist Bloemfontein law firms with the transfer of ownership of estate vehicles.

We can also assist the executor of an estate with obtaining duplicate registration certificates.

Please contact us for a full list of documentation needed.

Companies & Trusts

All transactions related to vehicles registered in the name of a company or trust must be accompanied with a copy of the Business Registration Number Certificate (BRNC) or an ANR certificate.