BloemQ4U Vehicle Registrations

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In order for us to better understand what needs to be done, please tick ALL applicable:

I need a vehicle to be registered in my name and a license disc to then be obtained.

My vehicle was already registered in my name and a license disc must now be obtained.

I paid off my vehicle and received the vehicle's documentation from my bank.

I moved to the Free State and now need FS number plates.

My vehicle's yearly license has expired.

Dealerships: We sold a vehicle to a client who lives in Bloemfontein.

The vehicle is:    New     Second-hand

The vehicle is:    Financed     a Cash Deal

The current or new owner of the vehicle is a/an:    Individual     Business     Trust

Must number plates be made?

Roadworthy Test:

  When does/did the current license disc expire (Eg. May 2020):

  Documentation needed for all transactions:

Clear copy of the owner's ID
Proof of physical address (not older than 3 months)
Vehicle's license paper or registration certificate (Natis)

We will let you know if further documentation is required.

Documentation can be emailed to
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